All Suppliers. One Login. Zero Data Entry.
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Agent Features

BestAgent Features

This diagram shows all the features that BestAgent automates

BestAgent Automated Tasks Diagram

Property Database

  • Store unlimited properties in a secure database
  • Upload and store unlimited property photos
  • Use Google Places to find property addresses


Register applicants


  • Register applicants in compliance with the GDPR
  • Allow applicants to register themselves via your website
  • Applicants can register with social media


Portal & Website Uploading


  • Automatic Uploads to any portals
  • Automatic Uploads to your website
  • Real time feeds to Rightmove, OTM and Zoopla 
  • Set up and control your own portal feeds from mobile


Applicants can view and delete their data


  • As per the GDPR rules, applicants are able to view the data that you hold on them and delete it if they wish

Screen Shot 2019-02-19 at 15.40.56

Brochure Generation


  • Automatically generated upon adding a property
  • Fed to portals
  • Available to use as window cards

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New free residential agency website


  • Set up in minutes from any device
  • Fully compliant agency website
  • Fully responsive
  • Use of Google Maps

Screen Shot 2019-02-16 at 13.34.21

Resize Images


  • All property photos resized automatically for all portal and website requirements


Use your own domain on a BestAgent website


  • Set up your existing domain at no cost
  • Easy steps to allow you to set it up yourself

Screen Shot 2019-02-16 at 13.37.34

Portal Selector


  • When adding a property you can specify which portals you would like it to appear on

portal selector

Purchase a domain name


  • Purchase a domain name directly from your Marketplace account
  • The new domain name will automatically be set up on your new website, no configuration required
  • Can be renewed every year at the click of a button


Create your account with social media


  • One click to create your account with social media
  • One click to login once your account is set up

Screen Shot 2019-02-15 at 10.02.45

WordPress access to your website


  • Change website theme colours and text colour
  • Add new pages
  • Add a blog

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SMS for validation


  • Free SMS usage for applicant phone number validation
  • Covers GDPR contact consent
  • Sent and recorded automatically


BestAgent Billing


  • Set up a payment card in your Marketplace account to enable purchases
  • View invoices and total billing cost easily
  • Activate or Deactivate any subscriptions with the click of a button


Built mobile first


  • Marketplace has been built mobile first so all features are accessible from any mobile, tablet or desktop device

Built mobile first

REST API access for your suppliers


  • Give your suppliers REST API access to your data
  • You control what data is accessed
  • Easy to set up yourself


My services


  • A section of the Marketplace where you can view all of the suppliers and a little about what services they offer, you can activate them with the click of a button and set up the seamless integration in a few minutes


Add multiple users


  • Give staff members access to BestAgent Marketplace


SEO services


  • BestAgent offers basic SEO advice and can set up all your website pages to be SEO ready


Social media sharing


  • One click property sharing on social media

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Our primary partner suppliers

Partner suppliers

BestAgent Marketplace Mission

All Suppliers. One Login. Minimal Data Entry.


Working life is about to get a whole lot easier for agents.

BestAgent Marketplace will offer agents integrated access to all suppliers to the property industry.

All suppliers will be seamlessly integrated, all in one place and with one monthly bill viewable in your Marketplace account.

To set up your Marketplace account you need to add your property and applicant data so that suppliers can reach the information they need from you in order to perform their functions, when they become available.