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How an existing Easymatch user can join BestAgent and activate applicant import

This guide will tell you how to add an applicant manually using your BestAgent account and how to edit that information afterwards. 

  • How to add an applicant
  • How to view an applicant
  • How to edit an applicant

Who is this guide for?


Agents with an active BestAgent & Easymatch account.

How much does it cost?



How do I access it?


Through your BestAgent account. Haven’t got one? Sign up here.


1 – What is Applicant Importing?

When an applicant makes an enquiry about one of your properties via a portal we will receive the enquiry email. Once we have that email we will parse the information and automatically add the details of the person to BestAgent, including their ‘Search Criteria’. Once the person has been added to BestAgent that information will instantly be added to your Easymatch account.


1.1 – How will the ‘Search Criteria’ be established?

When the enquiry comes from the portal we will use the information about the property they are enquiring about to create their search criteria, for example, if an applicant enquires about a 2 bed, house, for £250,000 they will be entered into BestAgent/Easymatch with those details added as search criteria. This can be changed manually at a later date, but if it remains unchanged they will be matched to similar properties and automatically be sent matching emails based on the criteria.


2 – How do I start connecting Easymatch to BestAgent?

Easymatch is already a ‘Connected Supplier’ to the Marketplace so you do not have to worry about anything technical but you will need to activate the connection as well as activate your billing, you will not be charged for free products but we do need a valid credit/debit card to activate supplier products.

If you do not already have an active BestAgent account you can do this here



2.1 – Adding your billing information & activating your integration

To add billing information make sure you have a valid card and then click the ‘Hamburger’ menu in the top right-hand of the screen, then select “Supplier Marketplace”, then select the product you would like to activate (in this case Easymatch CRM Integration) once selected click Activate and you will be asked to enter your billing information, you will only need to do this once.

This is 100% secure and uses Stripe to guarantee your security, once added save the information and then click “Activate” on the product again. Then click “Accept & Pay”, you will not be charged for a free product, after a few moments you will see the confirmation that the product has been added.



3. – Informing the portal about your activation

Once activated you will need to change the inbox which receives your “Applicant Leads” (The emails you receive when a person enquires about one of your properties) to do this first open the “Hamburger” menu in the top right-hand of the screen, then click “Settings” and then select Applicant Import.

On this page you will see 3 fields, one for each of the 3 portals (Rightmove, Zoopla, & OnTheMarket) that we can import leads from. Click the field next to the name of the portal to instantly copy the email address you will need to direct your leads to.

Next open your preferred email client and send the following email to the portal you would like to import from.



Subject: Request to change leads email address

Body: Dear Support


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