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How to create a BestAgent account.

If you’d like all your supplier products to talk to each other, open your BestAgent Marketplace account Set up your free account so you can:

  • Have all your supplier products talk to each other (no data duplication)
  • Benefit from the launch deals of suppliers connecting to the Marketplace
  • Take advantage of the free automated features that BestAgent offers.
  • Join agents already using BestAgent who will be the first to have zero-data entry businesses

Who is this guide for?


Single office agents.

How much does it cost?



How do I access it?


Through your BestAgent account. Haven’t got one? Sign up here.

1 – Visit our website at


2 – Click on the yellow button ‘Create agent account’


3 – You will see the ‘Sign up’ form, (ensure it says Sign up and not login)


4 – You have the option to sign up with Facebook, Linkedin or your google account. If you would like to do this select the relevant option.


5 – If you would like to sign up with email, enter your email address, create a password and enter your full name, then click ‘sign up’


6 – You will now see a welcome page. Your BestAgent account has been created.


7 – To complete the set up you just need to enter you company details, if you are a limited company, begin typing your company name in the first field, it should appear in the dropdown list, once it does, select it and click ‘next; – confirm that the branch details are correct.


8 – If you are a sole trader, you can type your company name in the bottom field and continue to manually enter your branch address.


9 – Your account set up is now complete and you can continue to add properties and applicants.



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