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How to use the online appraisal booking functionality.

This is a complete guide to help estate and lettings agents, that have an active BestAgent account, use the free online appraisal booking viewing functionality. This is a free function where ,……This guide will show you: This guide will show you:

  • What online viewing booking is
  • How applicants automatically receive ‘invitation to view’ emails
  • How applicants can book or cancel viewings
  • How agents can confirm or suggest an alternative time
  • How agents and applicants can add a time and date to view a property on their calendars

Who is this guide for?


Agents with an active BestAgent account.

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How do I access it?


Through your BestAgent account. Haven’t got one? Sign up here.

1 – What is Online Appraisal Booking?

Online Appraisal Booking will give vendors the ability to book an appraisal online, instantly, via your website. They will be able to access this either through your free BestAgent website or via a link on your existing website.



2 – Adding Online Appraisal Booking to your website.

If you have a free BestAgent website you will see the option for Online Appraisal Booking in the ‘Header Menu’ of your website as a default option. If you would like to add the feature to your existing website log in to your BestAgent account and click the ‘Hamburger’ menu in the top right-hand corner of the screen, then select ‘Properties’ from the menu items, on this page above the properties list, you will see options to filter ‘Live’ ‘Archived’ and ‘Appraisal’ properties, select ‘Appraisal’ and you will see a link at the top of the page.

Copy the link and either add it as a menu item to your existing website or contact your website provider and ask them to add it as a menu item. When a user clicks this link they will be sent to a short form asking for the basic property details and be given the option to ‘Suggest a time’ for you to appraise their property.



3 – Requesting an appraisal.

When a vendor clicks the Online Appraisal Booking menu item they will be sent to a page which will ask them some basic contact information, as well as basic information about their property, they will also receive an email asking them to confirm that you can maintain contact in compliance with GDPR. They will be asked to supply:

– Full Name
– Email Address
– Phone Number
– Reason for moving/appraisal
– Position
– Mortgage
– Property Type
– Bedroom Number
– Reception Rooms

Once they have completed these questions they will be able to request a time for the appraisal.



3.1 – Requesting an appraisal time.

After the vendor has completed the basic property information they will be asked to ‘Request a time to view’, on this page they will be able to select from a choice of dates up to 5 days after the current day (eg: if today is the 1st they will be able to select up to the 6th) and a time between 8 am and 7 pm.
After the vendor has selected a time you will be sent an email asking to confirm the time, a notification will also be sent to your BestAgent dashboard, the booking is not confirmed until you accept the time of the appraisal.



3.2 – Accepting an appraisal.

When you receive an Online Appraisal Booking you will see the time and date of the request and will have the option to either ‘Accept’, ‘Decline’, or ‘Rearrange’ the appointment. This can be done either through the email BestAgent will send to your registered email address or through the ‘Dashboard’.

To accept the appraisal, click the ‘Accept’ option and a confirmation email will be sent to the vendor with a link to add it to their diary.

To decline, click the ‘Decline’ button and an email will be sent to the vendor explaining that you aren’t able to take on their property at this time.

To rearrange, click the ‘Rearrange’ button and you will be taken to the ‘Rearrange’ option screen.



3.3 – Suggesting a viewing time.

After receiving the initial request to arrange an appraisal you will have the option to rearrange the time of the appointment. Click ‘Rearrange’ and you will be taken to the time select page on this page you will be able to select from a choice of dates up to 5 days after the current day (eg: if today is the 1st they will be able to select up to the 6th) and a time between 8 am and 7 pm.
Once you have selected a time an email will be sent to the vendor you will then be able to ‘Accept’, ‘Decline’ or ‘Rearrange’, both you and the vendor are able to do this as many times as is necessary to book the appointment.
Only when both parties have accepted a time will the appraisal be booked & confirmed.



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