BestAgent Rest API

What is an API?
An API is an application programming interface that enables controlled interaction between different software programs. In simple words, it’s a way for different apps to communicate with each other by following a set of rules.

Why is an API important?
APIs are becoming a vital tools for businesses in all industries. An API offers a faster and more efficient way for systems to communicate saving companies time and reducing costs.


APIs are the secret sauce to becoming digital, that is, to transforming business so that innovation can happen at a faster pace, so that barriers to change are reduced, so that many more people can contribute to your company’s success, and so that you can create better products and defend yourself from the competition.

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An example:
Uber- Instead of building its own mapping, payment or communication services, Uber used the best of those programs (Google Maps, Braintree (payment), Twilio (for mobile SMS), Oracle, etc.) and connected them all via APIs.

What kind of API is BestAgent using?
BestAgent is using REST (Representational State Transfer) API.’ The newest and most logical of the APIs for Internet services.

What does REST API mean?
REST API is an API  that uses HTTP requests to GET, PUT, POST and DELETE data.

Meaning that you should be able to get a piece of data (resource) when you link to a specific URL. Clients have full access to they data and only them can authorize others to access it.  The client is the front-end and the server is the back-end of the service but both of these entities are independent of each other.

What does the BestAgent API mean?
Any supplier that integrates with BestAgent’s REST API will be able to automatically send, receive, change and create data from BestAgent as long as the supplier has the right permissions. Eg: An agent can authorize a supplier to “only read” properties

How does it work?
Only the agent (BestAgent user) can give access to a supplier of its own data.

Is it secure?
BestAgent uses the latest security technology to protect users data. The users has full control of who accesses the data.