Careers at BestAgent - Make a difference as well as a living.
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Careers at BestAgent Marketplace
Make a difference as well as a living

BestAgent Marketplace is a collaboration of residential industry suppliers working to make it easier for people to move home. The approach is simple: give the long tail of small agents integrated access to all their suppliers in one place.

Owner managed agents make up 80% of the industry and are the most underserved of all by tech suppliers. Why? Because most tech suppliers design their products for multi-branch agents whose requirements are not the same.
We have over 120 suppliers waiting to offer their products through the Marketplace, which is more than any other supplier grouping. Having them all integrated will allow them easier access to this huge untapped market potential for their products. Agents using Marketplace will be able to sign up to or trial whichever supplier products are right for their business, all with one login and one monthly bill.
There is a deep sense of excitement in the BestAgent team and that drives progress. Thanks to our supplier partners, this collaboration is going to make the biggest ever difference to the home moving industry. This excitement in the team is what drives the delivery of what will be the biggest technical undertaking our industry has ever seen.
We have a pure focus: everything we do must improve things for agents, their suppliers and the movers who come into contact with these agents. In other words, it must be a win, win, win.
At BestAgent we know that the residential property industry is the business of moving people, often at a very stressful time. It is a relationship business driven by emotion, aspiration and sometimes desperation. For that reason it is unlike any other industry. In a nutshell, it’s about people, not property.
Agents are extraordinary professionals, but they are currently underserved by technology. They show up every day to perform the usually thankless task of helping people move home. Our mission is to give them easy access to all the products they feel will enhance their business and mover experience.
If that sounds exciting to you, and you think you have something you could bring to the team, we want to hear from you. Please contact us through our