Facts and Analysis: What you didn’t know about choosing your agent

This guide will help inform you to the things agents do that you might not be aware of

We would like movers to know what agents really do.

The purpose of this information is to help you make the right selection when choosing your agent


Common assumptions:

“It doesnt matter which agent i choose, they will all sell my house, I just want the one that charges the least”


FACTS: The stuff you didn’t know about agents

  • Not every agent will sell your house
  • You are not guaranteed to sell it just because you list it
  • An agent is working for you for free until they complete the sale
  • Cost: lower fees doesn’t mean you’ll actually save money
  • Different agents will get a different outcome on the sale process
  • A buyer is required
  • A house for sale is required
  • One agent could sell your house in a month, another could sell it in 6 months
  • Your neighbour’s house with X agent for £x but your house with Y agent could sell for £z


“All an agent does it list it on rightmove and collect offers from buyers and it costs me a fortune”


Things that are out of the agent’s control that could torpedo your sale

  • Emotion – a buyer changes their mind on selling
  • Survey – this could alter the price, the time frame, the choice
  • Change of price
  • Chain falls through elsewhere


ANALYSIS: The things you didn’t know about selecting the right agent

The right agent….

Won’t overvalue your house

Won’t let you overvalue your house

Will consider each applicant carefully and vet them for you and for their benefit

Will protect sellers from time-wasting movers

Will work for the best interest of seller and mover

Will form a relationship with the mover to see what motivates them and what their requirements are

Will listen to you

Won’t take on your property if they don’t believe they can sell it


What we want to you say:

“My agent was brilliant, it was with their help that we sold our house for above asking price within 4 weeks”