Any device

Input properties from any device

Portal uploading

Instantly upload to any portal

Website Uploading

Automatically upload all properties to your existing website

Resize photos

Auto-resize high res photos for all sites


Instantly generate pdf property brochures

EPC graphs

Generate EPC graphs

Its quick & easy to use! Highly recommended

How to start uploading your properties:

Set up your free BestAgent account and add practice properties on “demo mode”.

  1. Go to BestAgent
  2. On the “new user” page choose the option to sign up with your social media or email address
  3. Enter your login details
  4. Click “login”
  5. BestAgent will pull through your profile photo and name you just have to type in your company name and
  6. Confirm your branch address
  7. Your account has been created. You can start adding practice properties

How to activate live mode:

*Any properties you have added while in demo mode will be deleted as soon as you go live.

  1. Click on the yellow box on top of the screen that says “you are on demo mode”
  2. Click on “Activate Live”
  3. BestAgent will confirm you are on live mode and you can start adding live properties by clicking “Add Properties”

Activate you portal feed and start uploading your real properties. 

  1. Login to your account and go to your homepage
  2. Click on the menu icon and click “Settings”
  3. Click on “Manage portals”
  4. Choose the portal you want to activate and click on “Activate”
  5. Click “yes” to confirm you have added all of your live properties onto BestAgent
  6. Enter your branch ID
  7. Click “nest”
  8. BestAgent automatically generates an email for you to send to your portal. Click on “email portal”
  9. Click “send”
  10. The portal will send you an email to confirm that you are active (depending on the portal, this might take a few hours)

The Brochure includes:

  • Your logo and company details
  • Service type (Sale or Lettings)
  • Address
  • Number of bedrooms
  • Price
  • Main image and additional photos
  • Short & Long Property Description
  • Property Features
  • Floor plan
  • EPC

How to generate PDF Brochures:

In “Company Settings” select “Yes” for BestAgent Brochures. The system will then generate the PDFs for each property.

You can then:

  1. Download them and send them to your applicants
  2. Populate them to your existing website; and/or
  3. Populate them to your free BestAgent website.

Watch all of BestAgent’s tutorials here

Very sophisticated piece of kit.

Oliver Wharmby – Lonsdale