“BestAgent allowed us to set up a brand new website, within one day, at no cost. I love it.”


Manor Estates

“An amazingly simple way for small independent agents to get themselves a smart website.”

Andy Solomon


How to create a BestAgent website


How to create a free website

  1. After setting up an account activate “Live Mode” and upload all of your properties. (you can see how to do this here.)
  2. Go to your “Settings” page, click on “Create my Website”
  3. Click “Let’s Go”
  4. You can change the generic “About us” text and upload a team photo
  5. Click “Next”
  6. Add your logo
  7. Click “Save”

How to change your domain name

  1. Once you create your website go to “Website Settings” on “Settings”
  2. You will be given an URL for your website, if you already have a domain name you want to use click on “I already have a domain I want to use”, and then follow the instructions or pass the information to your IT provider
  3. If you don’t have a domain and would like to purchase one click on “I would like to buy a new domain” and you can purchase it through BestAgent

Other website settings

  1. Go to “Website Settings” on “Settings”, and you can add:
    • Contact details
    • Social Media
    • Choose your Property Redress Scheme
    • Choose your Professional Body Membership
    • Choose the Portals you are advertising in
    • Enter your Tenant Fees
    • Once you added
  1. Click on “Save Website”
  2. Scroll up click on the link to your website and your information should be updated

When you create a website with BestAgent the Applicant Registration feature is included for no cost.

  1. Create a website with BestAgent
  2. Click “Register” on the menu bar
  3. Fill in the applicant details
  4. Click “Send registration link”