Frequently Asked Questions

What does BestAgent do?

By entering property details just once, BestAgent allows you to automatically upload your properties to all your portals, your website and any social media accounts you may have.


Why is there no cost?

We make our money from referral commissions when we introduce BestAgent users to our partners. We also analyse property data for trends in national and regional house prices, which is information we can monetise, but you have to give us permission to do both of these things once you have activated your account. We can’t do either of these until you expressly give us your consent to do so.


Does it upload to Rightmove and Zoopla instantly?

Yes. It’s so instant in fact, that the moment you enter a property correctly and click “Save” BestAgent instantly gives you the clickable links to that property’s page on Rightmove and, or Zoopla, so that you can double check that they have uploaded with the right details.


What about uploading to other portals?

BestAgent can upload your properties automatically to any portal you want, including OnTheMarket, S1 Homes, Evening Standard Properties etc. You simply need to ask them for their ftp upload details and enter them into BestAgent once. From then on, your properties will upload several times a day every day.


Can BestAgent also upload automatically to my website?

If you have a website powered by Property Jungle, TechnicWeb or any other website provider who is able to receive a property data feed from us (an ftp feed sent in the Rightmove v3 .blm file format) then yes you can add a feed from BestAgent to your website. All you need is to ask your website provider for their ftp address, username and password, and add these details to BestAgent.


Can I upload as many photographs as I want?

Yes, there is no limit in BestAgent on how many photographs you can upload, although we can’t speak for the places you’re uploading them to.


Does it upload EPCs, floor plans and brochures?

Yes. You can upload your EPC, multiple pages of floor plans and a pdf brochure so that they can be seen and downloaded from the portals. We even include an EPC graph generator so you can create your EPC yourself. All you need are the EPC numbers to enter into the graph generator.


Can I upload from my iPhone or Android phone?

Yes, you can use any internet-enabled smartphone to upload your properties, including uploading photographs from the phone’s camera roll and camera. You can of course also upload properties from any tablet or computer as well.


How soon do changes appear on the portals?

Any changes you make to a property that is already live on Rightmove or Zoopla will appear instantly, and you will be able to check these by clicking on the link to the property within BestAgent. On other portals you add, the changes will upload at the next scheduled time, several times a day.


Do I have to sign a contract?

No you don’t have to sign anything. When you create an account you can have a play with the demo version, at which point you will be asked to give us your permission to be introduced to our partners. You can then go on to activate your live account and add all your properties before you even have to accept the conditions of use. Only when you activate your first automatic upload will you have to accept the conditions of use.


What if I want to stop using BestAgent?

You are free to stop using BestAgent at any time, without cost or penalty. You can simply deactivate your account. Although, we hope that once you have seen how easy it is to use, you’ll never want to leave.


How secure is BestAgent?

It’s the safest, most secure product of its kind. We only allow you to create an account using your Facebook, LinkedIn or Google account credentials. This means that we never see your login credentials, and no one else can access your account either. We also use the world’s best security protocols and architecture, because your data is your business, in every sense.

How does BestAgent work?

BestAgent lets you upload your properties to portals, your website, and social media, in realtime from any device.


If my trading name is different from my company name, which one gets sent to portals?

The portals display whichever name you registered with them, so even if your trading name is different to your company name it won’t affect what gets displayed


Where does the company name get displayed?

Your company name is displayed only within BestAgent and our communications with you.


Can I use one of your websites while still using my existing software?

Absolutely. The BestAgent Website functions best with our software, because the property adding and editing function will automatically populate to the BestAgent Website created for you, however this is not a requirement.

You must at least set up a BestAgent account in order to generate the Website, as we need things such as your company name, logo, etc. to create it. Also, you must upload your listings into our platform in order for them to appear on your Website. However, until you are ready to make the switch (if ever) to exclusively using the BestAgent platform for your business management needs, you can use the BestAgent Website alongside your current provider.


Can I change the design of my website?

Not yet. The ability to customise your website design will be available shortly.


Are there any hosting costs?

No – BestAgent covers this free of cost.


Can I integrate with suppliers that BestAgent is not partnered with?

No. Only those suppliers that have reached an agreement with BestAgent, and that our development team has integrated into our platform, are available as of now. We plan to expand that list quickly and widely, so as to become the “marketplace” for agents to connect with industry suppliers.


Can I change my website domain?

Yes. You have two options, you can use the domain you already own or you can buy a domain through us.


Can I add pages to my website?

Yes. Your new website is built on WordPress and you can add and edit the pages as you please.


Can I change the colour of my website?

Not yet. But this feature will soon be available.


Can I change the theme of my website?

Not yet. But this feature will soon be available.


Can I market commercial properties on the website?

No. Our websites are built for residential estate and letting agents.


How long does it take to have my website ready?

By following the simple steps you can have your website live in minutes.