Investors looking for a marketplace opportunity - BestAgent Marketplace
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move people
If making a difference is as important as making a return, we’d like to hear from investors like you.
BestAgent Marketplace is a supplier collaboration that will give residential agents integrated access to all their suppliers in one place, thereby making it easier for people to move home.
We are not currently seeking investment. However, there is a possibility that faster-than-expected growth could result in rapid expansion requirements. This may create an investment opportunity for the right investors.
We have 20 well-established suppliers actively collaborating, a further 100 suppliers on the waiting list, and a long tail of over 15,000 single branch estate or lettings agents with no current solution to their problem of multiple-login interface overload, creating duplicate data entry friction every day. Agents are unanimous in their agreement that a single log in for all their suppliers would be transformational for their businesses.
Therefore, accurately forecasting the growth potential of this marketplace business is difficult. However, being the first of its kind with no competitors, and built entirely on a serverless architecture, BestAgent Marketplace has a real opportunity to improve the home moving experience for all parties involved: movers, agents and their suppliers. The right investors should be excited by this potential opportunity.
If you have a proven track record of successful investments in high-growth businesses, and understand the economic opportunities of a marketplace business, please fill out the form below. Please include the name of your firm or fund and your typical investment range.