Supplier Dashboard User Guide

Supplier Dashboard User Guide


This is a complete guide to help estate agency suppliers that want to sell products or services through the Marketplace, use the Supplier Dashboard. The Supplier Dashboard is where suppliers will be able to manage their connections, view BestAgent Marketplace news, blog, my account and activate your connection. This guide will show you:


  • How to set up a supplier account
  • How to connect to the Marketplace
  • What are the fees and commissions
  • How to activate your subscription


Who is it for?

Suppliers to estate agency


What is the cost?

Free or Monthly £75+VAT


How do I access it?


What is a supplier dashboard?

The supplier dashboard is where you have the ability to set up your connection to the Marketplace. Once your connection is tested and up and running. The dashboard is where you will administer all of your customers. This is where you can view how many customers have signed up to your product or service via the Marketplace. You can see statements of your monthly income. You can edit your services or products. You can apply discounts to some customers. Essentially the dashboard is all the activity that is happening between your customers and you that are connected via BestAgent Marketplace.

A supplier dashboard is where you can manage your connection to the Marketplace. You will be able to view BestAgent Marketplace news, blog, my account and activate your connection.


What is BestAgent Marketplace?

BestAgent Marketplace is a supplier collaboration making it easier for people to move by giving agents integrated access to all their suppliers and minimising data entry.


How does the Marketplace work?

It is similar to Amazon, in the sense that any supplier can list their product for sale in a marketplace where the customer, in this case, small residential agents, can buy or sign up to any supplier product or service in one place, with a single payment facility and a single monthly bill for all their subscription services. A marketplace commission will be applied to your sales, depending on what type of product you are offering.


How do I set up a supplier account?

To set up a supplier account you need to go to:

You can register for free with your company name and contact details. You will be notified if you have been accepted.


What do I have to do on an ongoing basis to be part of the marketplace?

Manage you’re billing and customers. Once you have set up your connection it is all automated. But what you can do is see you customer base grow and track the income you receive and the commission paid to BestAgent.


Do I have to pay for a supplier account?

You can register for free but to connect you need to subscribe for £75 +VAT per month


What is the difference between a free supplier account and connecting for £75 + VAT per month?

There are two different areas within the dashboard. The first stage of the dashboard is what you get access to once you have registered and been accepted. Here you can be kept up to date with the latest Marketplace news and you have the option to connect for £75+VAT a month. Please note only accepted suppliers will have these options, you need to be registered and accepted in order to have the option of connection to our API.

The second stage of the dashboard is the connection area, you only have access to this once you have activated your £75+VAT subscription. The subscription gives you access to connect your product to the Marketplace and sell your product or service to agents.


Can I sell my product or service to agents through the Marketplace without having a supplier account?

No. You need to register, be accepted, activate your monthly subscription, connect your product via our API.


What are the Marketplace commissions?

There are two types of commissions payable by the supplier to BestAgent Marketplace.

Software as a service 20% eg. property management software, CRM’s

All other services 10% eg, signboards, live chat

You will receive a monthly invoice for your sales and BestAgent Marketplace commission will be deducted from this.


How do I connect to the Marketplace?

To connect your product or service to the Marketplace you need to go to

From here you will need to submit an application, if you are accepted you will have access to the supplier welcome page where you will need to activate a subscription for £75+VAT per month. Once your subscription is active you will have access to the connection steps.


Is there a contract?

There is no tie in, you can register for free and if you connect for £75+ VAT per month you can cancel at any time, but any outstanding commissions for that month will need to be paid.


How do we as suppliers price our products?

It is entirely up to you what you charge for your products. You will be required to publish a “Marketplace Price”, which will only be viewable to agents who have active accounts. You will also have access to a Billing Administration panel on your supplier’s dashboard where you will be able to apply individual discounts to individual customers at your discretion. In the case you have more than one product, you simply apply these processes to each product separately.


Who is allowed to be a supplier in the Marketplace?

BestAgent Marketplace accepts all applications from legitimate suppliers to the estate agency industry.


What information is going to be transferred via the API?

Whatever the agent wants or needs to be transferred in order to ‘connect’ to a supplier product or service. As a supplier, you have complete control of what information you can send to the agent via the Marketplace, and if you need agent data sent to you, again, you can control which fields are sent as part of your set up process. In all cases, the agent, your customer will have to approve what data is being sent or in that case that you are sending information to the agent, you will have total control over what that is.


What volumes are expected in terms of new customers?

We will be phasing the release to control the quality of the user experience. To begin with, we will select one agent who has expressed a desire to use your product for live testing so we can all be sure that the connection works as it should for all parties concerned. When that is achieved for all suppliers, and once the Marketplace is fully populated with the supplier products that allow genuine one-click sign-up, it will be opened up to the entire market of 15,000 or more small agents. How many customers you win through it will be entirely up to you.


Where does the information go and what data security measures/processes are in place?

BestAgent Marketplace will contain more residential property market data than anything to date. Much of this information will be personal and sensitive, so GDPR rules apply. The platform is built on the most advanced technology currently available, namely a Serverless application architecture, with microservices and multiple authentication requirements.


How is it all going to work and what is the user journey going to look like?

BestAgent Marketplace is free to use for agents. Any single branch agent can create an account in seconds from any device, and immediately have access to all its features. The approach for agents is One Login, All your suppliers. Once they have created an account and activated it with their live data, they will have access to their ‘Marketplace Suppliers’ page. Put simply this is a list of all the supplier companies who have connected their products to the marketplace, where agents will be able to sign up to your service there and then and be instantly connected where possible. In the case that your service requires some manual configuration your side, the agent may have to wait for you to complete that. But in line with how the rest of the world works, we will be prioritising suppliers who can make the signup process to their products completely automated.