BestAgent Marketplace - Agents and Suppliers Integrated
BestAgent Marketplace is a collaboration of suppliers making it easier for people to move home by giving agents integrated access to their suppliers.
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BestAgent means zero data entry for agents.

Agents need more time talking to customers, and less time re-typing information into different dashboards.

BestAgent Marketplace solves that problem by making all supplier products talk to each other.

Every agency is run with it’s own unique character, and that character is reflected in the unique combination of suppliers chosen by that agent.

BestAgent Marketplace will allow your unique choice of suppliers to talk to each other, automatically. Open your Marketplace account today.

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  Moving: The Agent’s Nightmare Moving is harder than it should be for all parties involved, especially agents. This is surprising, given that all parties involved share a common goal: for the move to happen. So why is it such...

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 Charlie Wright – Founder of BestAgent   BestAgent has built a completely new, much easier way for all agents and movers to find each other, in a way that levels the playing field for all agents of all sizes....

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“Suppliers, please make your products talk to each other. We’re spending all day re-typing property and mover details into endless different dashboards, instead of talking to customers. It’s the biggest single obstacle to our progress, both individually and as an...

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How Lettings and Estate Agents Move People 

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