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The new way to find your agent


Find Your Agent is a new, impartial way to find someone you can trust to sell or let your home.

All of your 20 nearest agencies are invited to send you a personal video introduction. You can then choose from the short videos who you would most like to invite to value your property, with one tap. We keep your contact details private until you make your choice.

Choosing the wrong agent (thereby failing to sell) is a mistake made by more than half of all home sellers. This is due to the way people typically choose three agents at random to come round and value their home, effectively missing out on the 12-15 other local agents, any of whom may have been a better choice. This is the problem BestAgent hopes to solve, because until now there was frankly no other way, and choosing an agent was a lottery.

The aim is to avoid having to repeat your life story on multiple phone calls, and get around all the brand and marketing noise to see the individual agents who want your business. It is widely known that in the end you choose based on how you feel about the individual agents you meet.

It also stops the unwanted door-stepping, phone calls and emails so often experienced as soon as local agents get a whiff of the fact you want to move, as your privacy is retained.

How it works

Find Your Agent allows you to easily consider all your potential agents (not just three) before you have to meet any of them in person.

You enter your property details once, and the basic information is instantly sent, anonymously, to a maximum of 20 local agents.

The agents are invited by BestAgent to respond with a short video introduction, which they can do in seconds from any camera-equipped device. When at least half of the invited agents have sent a video response, you can view them on BestAgent and from here select the ones you would like to invite to your home to discuss your needs before making a final choice. This means you may have 10 video introductions to choose from within a couple of hours.

What’s different is that the BestAgent algorithm automatically identifies and invites all your relevant local agents who each get an equal opportunity to introduce themselves to you, but in a way that you control.

BestAgent never recommends any particular agent, we are totally impartial. Whichever agent you instruct automatically pays BestAgent a fee based on the asking price of your property. The fee is the same regardless of the size or type of agent, based on a published price list.

It’s also emphatically not a comparison site. Every local agent gets equal standing with their response, whether they are a one-(wo)man-band or a national corporation, because it is these human beings who perform the work involved to sell or let your home, not the brands they work for. For this reason, BestAgent doesn’t allow any agents to sponsor or pay for any promotion, so you’re always seeing agents on a level playing field, regardless of their marketing budgets.

By using Find Your Agent you can securely view all agents in one place without revealing your personal details until you are ready to make your choice. This stops the endless hounding that can follow when you make enquiries in the old fashioned way.

Choose Wisely

Choosing your agent is the single most important decision you will make when it comes to selling or letting your home. If you choose wisely, your home will be sold or let swiftly for the best possible price, significantly higher than you may expect, in a shorter than average time frame. Get it wrong, and you can be sitting there 6 months later wondering why no one wants to buy your home.

So reviewing all the available agents in one place is a quick, easy and safe way to view all your options. It also means that you might find agents you haven’t considered previously.

From case studies we have learnt that it’s a feeling of confidence and trust in the individual agent who attends your home that leads to the best choice, not the agency brand, the office, the team or their market data.

Therefore with this in mind and studies to prove that it works, BestAgent wants you to have the best possible chance of ‘meeting’ all the agents that could possibly sell your home. The one you feel most comfortable with may not be the one that you expected.

Nothing affects your chances of moving more than your choice of agent.

Home Seller Case Studies:

Lee and Roxy sold their London home for £30k more than expected within days of finding their best agent, giving them more and speeding their move to the country.

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Polly and Claire sold their Bristol home within a week for more than they wanted, and moved into their new dream home sooner than they imagined.

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