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A fairer marketplace allows better agents to prosper. See-before-you-buy leads for all agents with transparent pay as you go pricing.

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BestAgent exists to deliver good, lesser-known agents the business they deserve

A new, impartial way for movers to find better agents.

BestAgent introduces qualified movers to the agents who most want their business. Respond to leads for free, only pay for the leads you want.

Mover benefits

  1. Avoid agents who lock sellers in then fail to sell or who undersell properties
  2. Find where the best agent to sell their specific property actually works
  3. Fast enquiry responses via text, email or video chat
  4. Remove advertising and being mis-sold or forcibly referred to poor quality conveyancing and mortgage brokers
  5. Remove misleading lead generation products eg automated ‘valuation’ tools
  6. No corporate funnel process and therefore no unwanted phone calls and emails
  7. Only see up to date, real property listings
  8. Meet Agents via video call before you commit or decide on the best agent

Agent benefits

  1. Create a fairer market by allowing movers to meet the person that will be selling their property and remove corporate advantage
  2. Reduce Agents winning instructions they don’t deserve or aren’t the right fit for
  3. Reduce viewing no-shows
  4. Improved visibility to movers seeking agents
  5. Reduce high subscription overhead costs
  6. Focus on the person and their capability rather than the Agency brand
  7. Reduce corporate advantage, treatment, influence, discounts by giving equal exposure to all agents
  8. Pre-qualified leads to reduce time wasted by low quality leads which have to be processed to find the few good ones

Leads for all agents with transparent, pay-per-instruction pricing

BestAgent’s difference is that all 20 of the nearest agents to a new instruction are invited to respond to the owner’s enquiry, at no cost. Only respond if interested, and only pay if instructed. Activate your account today to get your instruction leads sooner than unregistered agents.

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What you'll get Unregistered AgentsAll unregistered agents receive instruction and viewing leads subject to a verification delay.Free Registered AgentsInstantly receive see-before-you-buy instruction and viewing leads, sooner than unregistered agents.Free BestAgent ClubPermanent discount on all leads. See your competitors’ market share data. Join live debates on BestAgent’s future.£100 per month
Free listings on
Transparent, pay-per-lead pricing
Instant lead delivery
Supporter 20% Lead Discount
Competitor market data
Estate agent community participation

Activate your account for instant lead delivery. Become a Supporter to see competitor data, join the BestAgent community and get lead discounts.

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The BestAgent Club is a completely new member organisation of like-minded, high-integrity estate agency business owners, branch managers or directors, pooling their collective influence to steer the moving industry towards faster transactions, fairer fees for quality agents, and an end to overvaluing.

It is and will always remain 100% immune to corporate influence, although individual corporate agent branches can apply to join, each application considered on it’s own merits.

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BestAgent exists to connect agents with the right movers, improve visibility, remove corporate advantage and deliver better quality leads on a pay-per-lead basis. It’s a win win for movers and agents. Join us to help shape the future and improve industry service levels.

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