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Find out what you need to know about how BestAgent can help you. Activate your account, see prices of leads and see your listings.
BestAgent BackOffice Price
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Activate your BackOffice account and start receiving leads

If you are a new startup or an existing agency, activate your BestAgent BackOffice now

Activate Account

Our leads are from verified movers actively seeking an agent now. 

Movers send you invitations themselves

Invitations are sent to all agents in their area.

BestAgent BackOffice

Access your leads. 

View and respond to video call invitations and viewing requests.

Manage properties.

You can add and edit all your Property details (or leave your
listings to update automatically).

Applicant matching.

GDPR compliant registration with “show me my details” and “forget me” functions.

Real-time portal uploads.

Including to your website and social media.

Online Viewing Booking.

Instantly respond to all portal leads with invitation to book online 24h.

Import applicants.

All applicants leads will be imported from portals and your website.

Pay as you go prospecting.

One-click prospect letters posted to any address in seconds.

Sold/let in your street flyers.

“Set and forget” automated print and post marketing.

Online appraisal booking.

Owners can book a time for you to value their home.