BestAgent Bonus Lead Credit Terms and Conditions

BestAgent Bonus Lead Credit terms of use

As part of the launch promotion, BestAgent will be awarding “Bonus Lead Credit” incentives to estate or letting agents who meet stated criteria.

These include, but are not limited to:

  1. Early Registration Credit for 27 JuneĀ  BestAgent Day
  2. Doubling of early registration credit for early activation of BestAgent BackOffice account
  3. Trebling of early registration credit for early sign up to the BestAgent Club.
  4. Event attendance credit
  5. Referral credits for referring other agents to activate their BackOffice account
  6. Referral credits for referring other agents to sign up to the BestAgent Club
  7. Any discretionary one-off bonus credit reward deemed appropriate by BestAgent staff or representatives, for example, goodwill appreciation.

BestAgent may add to these at its sole discretion at any time.

Redeeming your BestAgent Bonus Credits

  1. Lead Credits can only be applied to active, validated BackOffice accounts. Therefore it is an absolute requirement that you must activate your BackOffice account within any specified time period in order to claim your credits.
  2. Credits can be used for the purchase of any “Find Your Agent” instruction (seller, landlord) or “Viewing Booking” buyer or tenant lead. These will be automatically deducted from your balance if and when you choose to purchase a lead.
  3. Bonus Credit will be used at the prevailing lead rates on
  4. If you are NOT a member of the BestAgent Club, your credits have an automatic 2 year expiry date from the date of creation, unless otherwise stated.
  5. If you are a paid up, active member of the BestAgent Club adhering to membership terms, your lead credits remain valid for the duration of your membership, until terminated.
  6. On termination of Club Membership for whatever reason, all Bonus Lead Credits are immediately and irrevocably cancelled. (See BestAgent Club membership terms and conditions for full details).

Bonus Credits Limitations of Use

  1. Bonus Credits can only be used for the purchase of leads within the specific BestAgent BackOffice account they exist.
  2. Bonus Credits cannot be used to pay for membership of the BestAgent Club, which must be paid by Direct Debit or payment card.
  3. Bonus Credits cannot be used to pay for any other services provided by BestAgent.
  4. Bonus Credits cannot be transferred to other branches or companies or members.