BestAgent meets with industry suppliers to discuss new Open PropTech Platform

BestAgent meets with industry suppliers to discuss new Open PropTech Platform

BestAgent, the new, no cost, ‘make everything easier’ platform for estate agencies is hosting a meeting on June 27th 2018 at the Crowne Plaza hotel in Reading, to discuss the implementation of an open technical standard for all agents and suppliers in the industry.

With bosses from 13 established industry supplier brands such as ValPal, Feefo, Yomdel, ViewMyChain, Gazeal, Kremer Signs and BriefYourMarket in attendance, BestAgent will ask the question: When will PropTech products be able to talk to each other to solve the major problem of lack of integration in the industry?

The informal meeting this week will discuss the technical, legal and commercial considerations of an “Open PropTech Platform” for the industry.

BestAgent will set out an initial technical proposal to attending suppliers to enlist their support for the idea.

BestAgent founder, Charlie Wright said: “We have been surprised by the number of requests from PropTech companies looking to integrate with a property marketing platform to make it easier for agents to buy their services, in turn reducing onboarding time and costs.

“Once we grasped the full extent of demand for this need to integrate, from both agents and industry suppliers, we realised that the platform we are already constructing for our existing partners to integrate their products, could be expanded into a fully open platform; legally compliant, technically robust and totally secure, which would allow small agents easier access to trials of new products, and allow all industry suppliers an easier route to market for their products.”

Wright continued “Small agents make up by far the largest sector of the industry. If BestAgent and our partners can give them all easy access to better tech, it will benefit them, their suppliers and their customers, and hopefully make it easier to improve service levels across the industry.”

In a separate blog posted on the BestAgent website, Wright discusses the unintentional stifling of innovation by portals and CRM systems. In it he says “You can’t deliver personal service with a brand, only with a person.”

Gary Chimwa CEO of FUTURE: PropTech commented: “BestAgent is one of the most technically sound platforms we have come across and there is an opportunity with their tech and suppliers to change the industry. We love the BestAgent ethos of industry collaboration which is something that we believe will enable PropTech innovators to serve the needs of the wider property industry more effectively. “

Steve Dawkins, Sales & Marketing Director of Gazeal remarked ‘’By collaborating with other leading PropTech service providers such as BestAgent, we are able to improve the home buying and selling process for consumers and the property industry’’.





Notes for Editor: BestAgent’s property marketing platform, which includes an agency website and GDPR compliant applicant management, is free for single office agents and can be set up from any mobile device in seconds. BestAgent derives its income from referral commissions from its industry partners and optional website upgrades.

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