Case Study – Polly and Claire sold their Bristol home in a week for more than expected

Polly and Claire sold their Bristol home in a week for more than expected and moved into their new dream home sooner than they imagined.

Polly and Claire wanted to view houses in Taunton, as they were considering moving there from Bristol in a couple of years. They requested viewings on a couple of properties, but the houses they liked were sold before they could even view. They struggled to get any viewings as their house was not on the market yet and agents were not taking them seriously as buyers because of this.

Polly and Claire decided that rather than miss out on any further houses they would put their house on the market.

“How do I choose an agent? What do i need to look for?”

They had an agent in mind, but neither of them had sold a house before, so they came to BestAgent for advice on how to choose their agent.

They were given advice from BestAgent The advice they received from BestAgent, confirmed that the agent they had in mind was the best agent for them and their situation.  The advice they received also helped to rule out the other valuations and agents they had lined up.

The result of them choosing their agent wisely meant that they worked with their agent. They trusted the strategy their agent put forward. The outcome was that they had ten viewings on their house on the first day of viewings. They had numerous offers and chose a first time buyer with no chain. Their house was listed for £400k and sold above asking price for £425k.

“We weren’t even planning to move but we sold our house on the first day it was listed and moved to our new dream home in the countryside.”

Polly and Claire sold their house for a better price than expected and in a short period of time. They didn’t have to have multiple days of viewings, they had a serious buyer, they sold quickly and this enabled them to buy their new home in Taunton. They did not choose the agent with the lowest fee, they did  not choose the agent with the best office,  the biggest market share, they chose the agent that would sell their home and see them through the whole process.

The agent benefitted from sellers that were certain of their choice of agent, who trusted and listened to them. He had sellers that worked with them and didn’t haggle on his fee.

“Polly and Claire listened to my advice, and that’s why we got a great result. Without trust, it’s very hard for an agent to do their job well.”

Laurence Irvine – Urban Lighthouse

The outcome of this story was that this was a better than expected experience for the seller and the agent

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