Case Study – Lee and Roxy sold their London home for £30k more than expected

Lee and Roxy sold their London home for £30k more than expected within days of finding their agent, speeding their move to the country.

Lee and Roxy were ready to sell their home in London and move to the country. They had an agent in mind that they had used previously, however they had some doubt about instructing this agent.. So they went to BestAgent for advice on how to choose an estate agent.

“The BestAgent approach to choosing an agent made us think differently, and we chose an agent we might not have chosen otherwise.”

They spoke to other agents and received further valuations to compare. From this they instructed an agent that they would not have considered before.

“Jack made me believe they were hungry to sell my house”

Lee and Roxy had also done their own research into the housing market in their area and were convinced they could get a higher price which was one more reason that made them certain about their new choice of agent.

Their property went on the market and it had two viewings, it was sold before being listed on any of the portals. The irony of this is that Lee and Roxy were concerned what portals agents were on. In the end it didn’t matter in their case.

“We sold our home before it was even listed on a portal and got £30k more than we were expecting”

Their house was sold quickly for £679,250, which is £30k more than they were expecting to get. This also meant they were able to move to Frome and buy their country home.

The outcome of this story is that thanks to BestAgent, Lee and Roxy choosing wisely, they sold their house quickly and for above the asking price. They had a much better outcome than they had ever expected.

Use BestAgent. Choose Wisely.

“I knew I could sell Lee and Roxy’s home for a record price in that street, and they listened. We sold it in 3 days for £30k more than they were expecting, because they trusted me and let me do my job. It’s fantastic when people recognise the value and professionalism of great estate agency.”

Jack Terry – KFH Brockley