Why should you be closed just because all your competition is?

Why should you be closed just because all your competition is?

People visit businesses when it’s convenient for them, not when it’s convenient for the business. More than 50% of website visitors arrive outside of business hours. So after closing hours, potential clients can’t walk into an estate or letting agency, but they can surely check you out on your website.

When someone visits a website it is with a purpose, and if someone visits yours its to look for a home. So does this mean that after working hours you are missing potential new clients? The answer is yes.

For that reason, it is very important for agents to understand the importance of their website. It’s their “front window” to all customers at all hours.

A good agent must engage with customers at a very early stage. If a potential customer visits your website and you are closed, you won’t just let them walk away “empty-handed”. BestAgent’s partner Yomdel offers agents solutions to capture these visitors.


Live Chat: What good is all your information on your website without any engagement? If a potential customer visits an agency’s website after closing hours, how can he talk to you if he has a question or is interested in a property? Yomdel Live Chat:

  • Converts website visitors into customers.
  • Delivers leads to agents within just a few minutes, boosting profits.  
  • Responds within 15 seconds so clients are never left waiting.


Portals:   Most customers find properties on portals. Yomdel partnered with OneDome to give agents the right tools to attract, capture and qualify potential buyers and sellers visiting portals. They promote 24/7 business with tools such as:


  • Autoresponder tool, which provides customers with an immediate response to their portal enquiries. Whenever they enquire about a property, they will receive an instant email directing them to agents website to book a viewing online.
  • Once on the agent’s’ website, customers can, through a calendar, choose a time that is convenient for them by allowing them to see your availability.


Check out all of Yomdel’s creative solutions here.

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