Invaluable analytics to position you as a local property market expert

Invaluable analytics to position you as a local property market expert

The rise of social media, and the faster and more interactive pace that we live in today makes clients ever more demanding. With less time, people can’t be bothered with anything that does not capture their interest or their attention.

For that and many other reasons, content has become an integral part of any business. Bill Gates’s famous “Content is King” is a standard business mantra. Content defines what you are saying. If you are not saying the right thing you are irrelevant. You cannot just be noisy for the sake of it. Agents don’t just win instructions because they have some flashy site or social media presence. Agents and agencies must be the ‘best in class,’ so when the time comes for clients to choose or recommend you, they will have you on tip of their tongues. If you demonstrate knowledge through content, it will transmit trust.

Estate and letting agents rely heavily on social media. It’s a way to see and be seen. But it’s also a tough place for agents. Agents who can’t prove that they know their market struggle to look credible. Credibility leads to trust. 

A key way to promote yourself and your agency is to be an expert on your market. Become a local authority figure. How? BestAgent has partnered with Resianalytics, which provides you with the research to be that expert.

The right information in your hands will make your clients’ eyes light up. Publishing research and analytics is the most important way property firms enhance the prestige of their brand. The Resianalytics Local Property Market Research Package includes:

  • 500 words of property market research on an area YOU define
  • Chart images with explanations.
  • A sleek free-branded PDF.
  • Cloud storage of all this information, accessible by you anywhere at any time.

Imagine how much better your website, marketing, social media, and even face-to-face encounters could be with this information at your fingertips.

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