Marketing to grow your estate agency

Marketing to grow your estate agency

Estate and Letting agents today have 3 types of front windows: Their physical storefront, their website, and their social media. Because your target audience is increasingly online, your two digital windows are more important than ever. 

Social media allows a company to see and be seen.  It is particularly useful for estate and letting agents to expose their properties, show their availability, and discover clients who are actively looking for a property. Websites have become agent’s 27/7 open shops. BestAgent’s partner Growth Track helps agents stand out, drives more traffic to your website and wins you more business with brilliantly innovative digital marketing.

Growth Track knows how busy estate and letting agents are, and that having the time to manage everything is not easy. Growth Track does the hard work, and agents receive much needed and well deserved results.

Some of Growth Track’s services include:

  • Transform email signatures into interactive branding that look professional, drive traffic and win business.
  • Help clients create their own impressive emails and newsletters in minutes.
  • Work with clients to help showcase their services and instructions across social media, and drive traffic back to the client’s website.

For more information on Growth Track click here.

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