Phew, we’ve survived GDPR… but are we out of the woods?

Phew, we’ve survived GDPR… but are we out of the woods?

For the last couple of weeks GDPR has been on everyone’s lips. Inboxes became full, text messages filled up mobile devices. But what now? What happens to estate and letting agents now that the EU General Data Protection Regulation has been implemented?

We’ve put together some tips to help your agency survive the aftermath of the GDPR deadline:


  • Educate your staff on the nuts and bolts of the regulation. Have them download our GDPR Handbook or GDPR Data Bible and give it a read. Our Handbook even has a certification to sign saying that they have read it — good for proving that you’ve made an effort to keep your staff informed”.
  • Create a security policy that describes what data you keep, where you keep it, and what protection you have in place to safeguard it.
  • Keep a checklist of what to do when an employee leaves your agency, which should include eliminating access to client databases, and a confirmation that the individual has purged their personal devices of all customer personal data.
  • Obtain and consent to add applicants to your marketing list.
  • Update your privacy policy and your cookie policy.
  • Request and record consent from your database to pass them along to third parties if you want to generate commi££ion.
  • Make sure your CRM software is GDPR compliant. Why? The buck stops with you in terms of what happens to the data that you control, so you do not want to be giving data to an entity that is not operating up to snuff.


If all of this sounds like a headache, you could save your agency time and hassle and use BestAgent’s no cost solution to GDPR for applicant registration: Create a BestAgent-powered website in a matter of minutes, which includes an applicant registration tool and a GDPR compliant Privacy Policy, at no cost. 

Alternatively, if you do not want a new, no-cost website, you can link the BestAgent GDPR Applicant Registration tool to your own website at no cost simply by copying the link.


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