How secure is your agency data?

How secure is your agency data?

With GDPR changes soon to come into force, ‘data’ is becoming an increasingly important topic and tool for all businesses. As of May 25th, customer data from consenting participants will increase in value and therefore become a leverageable currency.

Agencies should be thinking of their data in the same frame of mind as they consider other forms of payment. As long as you are abiding by data privacy regulations, you should realise the value of what you already hold in your database.  Do you leave your money lying around in the open, or do you keep it secure in a bank? Do you trust a bank without proper security measures?

As an agency, you should be questioning: how secure is your data?

Newly released BestAgent is a property and marketing compliance platform for agents that guarantees safety, security and reliability. BestAgent realises the value of data. Rather than charging a monetary fee for these services, agencies can unleash the value of their data in exchange for a GDPR-ready, fast, reliable business tool.

Agents can now run their business from any mobile device at no monetary cost. You can set-up a demo account with BestAgent today, to discover how easily you could run your business and market your property portfolio from any device.

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