BestAgent Releases Adding Property Owners Function

BestAgent Releases Adding Property Owners Function

Agents can now register property owners and their property details with the option of adding them as an applicant

This function is included as standard, at no cost.


BestAgent has released a new free function that allows agents to add property owners and their basic property details into their BestAgent account.


This is the first step into creating offers in the system. It allows agents to have contact details in their BestAgent account linked to the property.


With this function agents can:


  1. Register the owner’s contact details on their BestAgent database
  2. Register basic property info
  3. Make an owner an applicant


Owners can be registered in 3 different ways:


  1. The agent can register the owner manually on their BestAgent account
  2. The agent can send the owner a link for the owner to register himself
  3. Property owners can register themselves on the agent’s website (if it’s a BestAgent website)


This feature is available free of charge to any single-branch agent with an active BestAgent Marketplace account.


Adding a Property Owner feature is a fast and easy way for agents to increase their database and of having potential new business.


This free feature, that works alongside the applicant registration feature will not only store the property owners information and property details but will also give agents the choice of adding the property owners as applicants too .




To see full details of exactly how this feature works, read the User Guide here.


To take advantage of this feature agents can create a free account with BestAgent here and add their properties and applicants.


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