Self-service customer care from BestAgent

Self-service customer care from BestAgent

As technology develops, customers are more in need of help than ever before. As a result, there is a requirement for more information and communication. As most people (and especially agents) are becoming busier, there is more demand for an easier way to receive help in a way that’s fast and concise.

This has created increased pressure for companies to become better, not only to make the products they develop easier but also how they deal with customer questions and queries. Effective customer service departments are focused not only on helping and supporting clients, but also on trying to stand out by exceeding expectations.

BestAgent was developed with the simple promise of making agents’ lives easier. We created a product that is fast and easy to use. However, with any with any great product, customers may need help. To make agents’ lives easier, BestAgent provides you with self-service customer support to handle your simple problems.

And what does this really mean? For most of your questions, you can find answers on our FAQs page, on our website and with our online tutorial videos.

Self-service customer support is an excellent way of handling simple problems. But what happens if customers have more complex problems? You can reach out to us, and talk to one of our team via our Live Chat feature, which is conveniently available on our website and within the BestAgent platform. You can also email us and expect a response within a working day at  For those few ultra-tricky problems, we will follow up with a phone call.

That’s right, we make it so simple that you do not even have to open another page or slow down your business while we help you. We are here in real-time if and when you encounter an issue.



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